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List of New Spellings N-Z

The New Spellings of the Philological Society of London
F. A. March

Transactions of the American Philological Association (1869-1896), Vol. 12 (1881), pp. 52-68
Amended Spellings N thru Z
nabbed: nabd 
nailed: naild
naphtha: naptha, naftha
narrative: narrativ
narrowed: narrowd
native: nativ
neared: neard
needle: needl negative: negativ nephew: nevew, nefew nephritic: nefritic nerve: nerv
nerved: nervd
nestle: nestl
nestled: nestld
nettle: netl
neutralise: neutralize 
newfangled: newfangld 
newfashioned: newfashiond
nibble: nibl / nibbled: nibld 
nicked: nickt
nipple: nipl
nitre, niter: niter 
noddle: nodl 
nominative: nominativ 
notable: notabl
notch: noch / notched: nocht 
nourish: nurish / nourished: nurisht 
nozzle, nosle: nozl 
nubile: nubil
null: nul
numb: num
numskull: numskul 
nursed: nurst 
nutritive: nutritiv 
nuzzle: nuzl
nymph: nymf

oaken: oaken
objective: objectiv 
observable: observabl / observe: observ / observed::observd 
obtained: obtaind / obtainable: obtainabl 
obtrusive: obtrusiv 
occurred: occurd 
odd: od
offence, offense: offense / offensive: offensiv 
offered: offerd
ogre, oger: oger 
olive: oliv
once: onse
ooze: ooz / oozed: oozd 
opened: opend 
ophidian: ofidian
ophthalmic: ofthalmic / ophthalmy: ofthalmy 
opposite: opposit 
oppressed: opprest / oppresive: oppressiv 
optative: optativ 
oracle: oracl
orbed: orbd
ordered: orderd
organise, organize: organize
orphan: orfan 
orthographer: orthografer / orthographic: orthografic / orthography: orthografy 
ostracise, ostracize: ostracize
outlive: outliv
outspread: outspred 
outstretch: outstrech / outstretched: outstrecht 
outwalked: outwalkt 
overawe: overaw / overawed: overazwd 
overpassed: overpast 
overspread: overspred 
owe: ow / owed: owd 
owned: ownd 
oxide, oxid: oxid

packed: packt / pack-thread: pack-thred 
paddle: padl / paddled: padld 
padlocked: padlockt 
pained: paind 
paired: paird
palatable: palatabl 
palatine: palatin 
palaeography: palseografy
palled:: palld
palliative: palliativ 
palpable: palpabl 
palmed: palmd
paltered: palterd 
pampered: paamperd 
pamphlet: pamflet 
pandered: panderd 
paneled, panelled: paneld
panicle: panicl / panicled: panicld 
pantograph: panfograf
papered: paperd 
parable: parabl 
paragraph: paragraf / paragraphed: paragraft 
paralleled: paralleld 
paranymph: paranymf
paraphernalia: parafernalia
paraphrase: parafrase
paraphrast: parafrast
parboiled: parboild
parceled, parcelled: parceld
parched: parcht
pardoned: pardond / pardonable: pardonabl
parleyed: parleyd 
parliament: parlament
parsed: parst 
partible: partibl
participle: participl 
particle: particl 
partitive: partitiv
passed, past: past / passable: passabl / passive: passiv 
patch: pach / patched: pacht
patrolled: patrold 
patterned: patternd
pavilioned: paviliond 
pawed: pawd 
pawned: pawnd
payable: payabl 
peaceable: peaceabl
peached: peacht 
pealed: peald
pearl: perl
peasant: pezant / peasantry: pezantry 
pease, peas: peas 
pebble: pebl 
peccable: peccabl
pecked: peckt 
pedagogue: pedagog 
peddle: pedl peddled: 
pedld peddler: pedler 
peduncle: peduncl 
peeled: peeld 
peeped: peept
peered: peerd 
pegged: pegd
pell: pel
pellicle: pellicl 
pell-mell: pel-mel
penned: pend 
pence: pense
pencilled, penciled: pencild
penetrable: penetrabl / penetrative: penetrativ 
pensile: pensil 
pensioned: pensiond 
pensive: pensiv 
people: peple
peppered: pepperd
perceivable: perceivabl / perceive: perceiv / perceived: perceivd / perceptible: perceptibl / perceptive: perceptiv
perched: percht 
perfectible: perfectibl 
perfective: perfectiv 
perforative: perforativ
performed: performd / performable: performabl
perilled, periled: perild 
periphery: perifery 
periphrase: perifrase 
periphrastic: perifrastic 
perished: perisht 
perishable: perishabl
periwinkle: periwinkl
perked: perkt 
permeable: permeabl 
permissible: permissibl 
permissive: permissiv 
perplexed: perplext 
perquisite: perquisit 
personable: personabl 
perspective: perspectiv 
perspirable: perspirabl 
persuadable: persuadabl 
persuasive: persuasiv 
pertained: pertaind 
perturbed: perturbd 
pervasive: pervasiv 
perversive: perversiv 
pervertible: pervertibl 
pestered: pesterd
pestle: pestl
petit, petty: petty 
petitioned: petitiond 
petrifactive: petrifactiv 

ph: f
phaeton: faeton 
phalansterian: falansterian
phalanstery: falanstery 
phalanx: falanx 
phantasm: fantasm
phantasmagoria: fantasmagoria
phantom: fantom 
pharmacy: farmacy 
pharynx: farynx
phase: fase
pheasant: fezant
phenix: fenix 
phenomenal: fenomenal 
phenomenon: fenomenon 
phial, vial: fial, vial 
philander: filander
philanthropic: filanthropic / philanthropist: filanthropist /philanthropy: filanthropy philharmonic: filharmonic 
philippic: filippic 
philologer: filologer / philological: filological / philologist: filologist / philology: filology 
philomel: filomel 
philopena: filopena 
philosopher: filosofer / philosophic: filosofic / philosophize: filosofize / philosophy: filosofy 
phlebotomy: flebotomy 
phlegm: flegm 
phlegmatic: flegmatic 
phlox: flox
phoenix, phenix: foenix, fenix
phonetic: fonetic / phonetist: fonetist / phonic: fonic 
phonograph: fonograf / phonographer: fonugrafer / phonographic: fonografic / phonography: fonografy 
phonologic: fonologic / phonologist: fonologist / phonology: fonology / phonotypy: fonotypy 
phosphate: fosfate / phosphoric: fosforic / phosphorus: fosforus 
photograph: fotograf / photographed: fotograft / photographer: fotografer / photographic: fotografic / photography: fotografy 
photometer: fotometer / photometry: fotometry 
phrase: frase / phraseology: fraseology 
phrenologist: frenologist / phrenology: frenology 
phrensy, frenzy: frenzy 
phthisic: see tisic 
phylactery: fylactery 
physic: fysic
physical: fysical / physicked: fysickt 
physician: fysician 
physicist: fysicist 
physics: fysics 
physiognomist: fysiognomist
physiognomy: fysiognomy 
physiologic: fysiologic
physiologist: fysiologist / physiology: fysiology 
phytography: fytografy / phytology: fytology

picked: pickt 
pickle: pickl / pickled: pickld 
picnicked: picnickt 
pilfered: pilferd 
pill: pil
pillowed: pillowd 
pimped: pimpt 
pimple: pimpl / pimtpled: pimpld 
pinned: pind 
pinched: pincht 
pinioned: piniond 
pinked: pinkt 
pinnacle: pinnacl 
pintle: pintl 
pioneered: pioneerd 
pished: pisht
pitch: pich / pitched: picht
pitcher: picher 
pitchy: pichy
pitiable: pitiabl 
placable: placabl 
plained: plaind 
plaintiff: plaintif 
plaintive: plaintiv 
planned: pland 
planked:: plankt 
plashed: plasht 
plastered: plasterd plausible 
plausibl plausive: plausiv 
played: playd 
pleasant: plezant 
pleasurable: plezurabl / pleasure: plezure 
pledged: pledgd 
pliable: pliabl
plough: see plow 
plover: pluver 
plow: see plough
plowed: plowd / plowable: plowabl
plucked: pluckt
plugged: plugd
plumb: plum / plumbed: plumd / plumber, plummer: plummer
plumbing, plumming: plumming
plumb-line: plum-line 
plumped: plumpt 
plundered: plunderd
poached: poacht
poisoned: poisond 
polished: polisht
polygraph: polygraf / polygraphy: polygrafy 
polysyllable: polysyllabl 
pommel,pummel: pummel pommeled: pummeld 
pondered: ponderd / ponderable: ponderabl 
pontiff: pontif
poodle: poodl 
popped: popt
porphyritic: porfyritic / porphyry: porfyry 
portable: portabl
portioned: portiond 
portrayed: portrayd 
positive: positiv 
possessed: possest / possessive: possessiv 
possible: possibl 
potable: potabl 
pottle: potl
pouched: poucht 
poured: pourd 
powdered: powderd 
practicable: practicabl
practise: practis / practised: practist 
pranked: prankt
prattle: pratl 
prattled: pratld / prattler: pratler 
prayed: prayd 
preached: preacht 
preamble: preambl 
precative: precativ
preceptive: preceptiv
preclusive: preclusiv
preconceive: preconceiv
precursive: precursiv
predestine: predestin / predestined: predestind 
predetermine: predetermin / predetermined: predetermind
predicable: predicabl 
predictive: predictiv
preened: preend
pre-established: preestablisht
preferred: preferd / preferable: preferabl
prefigurative: prefigurativ 
prefixed: prefixt 
prehensile: prehensil 
prelusive: prelusiv 
premise, premiss: premis / premise, v:: premize / premised: premized 
preordained: preordaind
preparative: preparativ 
prepositive: prepositiv 
prerequisite: prerequisit 
prerogative: prerogativ 
prescriptive: prescriptiv 
presentable: presentabl 
preservative: preservativ 
preserve: preserv
preserved: preservd 
pressed: prest
presumable: presumabl
presumptive: presumptiv
pretense, pretence: pretense
preterit, preterite: preterit 
prevailed: prevaild 
preventable: preventabl / preventive: preventiv 
preyed: preyd 
prickle: prickl 
primitive: primitiv 
principle: principl / principled: principld 
prinked:: prinkt 
prisoned: prisond
pristine: pristin
privative: privativ 
probable: probabl 
probative: probativ 
procreative: procreativ 
procurable: procurabl 
producible: producibl / productive: productiv / productiveness: productivness
professed: profest
profered: proferd 
profitable: profitabl 
progressed: progrest
progressive: progressiv 
prohibitive: prohibitiv 
projectile: projectil 
prologue: prolog
prolonged: prolongd 
promise: promis / promised: promist
promotive: promotiv
propped: propt
propagable: propagabl
propelled: propeld
prophecy: profecy
prophesy: profesy 
prophet: profet / prophetess: profetess / prophetic: profetic 
prophylactic: profylactic
proportioned: proportiond / proportionable : proportionabl
propulsive: propulsiv 
proscriptive: proscriptiv 
prospective: prospectiv
prosperd: prosperd 
protective: protectiv 
protractive: protractiv 
protrusive: protrusiv provable: provabl 
provocative: provocativ
prowled: prowld 
published: publisht 
puckered: puckerd
puddle: pudl / puddled:pidld 
puddling: pudling
puerile: pueril 
puff: puf
puffed: puft
pull: pul
pulled: puld 
pulsatile: pulsatil / pulsative: pulsativ 
pulsed: pulst 
pulverable: pulverabl
pumped: pumpt 
punned: pund 
punched: puncht 
punished: punisht / punishable: punishabl 
punitive : punitiv
purr: pur / purred: purd
purchasable: purchasabl
purgative: purgativ
purled: purld
purline, purlin: purlin
purloined:: purloind
purple: purpl / purpled: purpld
pursed: purst
purveyed: purveyd
pushed: pushit
putative: putativ 
putrefactive: putrefactiv 
puttered: putterd 
puzzle: puzl / puzzled: puzld

quacked: quackt 
quadruple: quadrupl 
quaff: quaf / quaffed: quaft 
quailed: quaild
qualitative: qualitativ
quantitative: quantiativ
quarreled, quarrelled: quarreld
quarrelsome: quarrelsum  
quay, key: key
quell: quel / quelled: queld
quenched:: quencht 
queue, cue: cue 
quibble: quibl / quibbled: quibld 
quickened: quickend 
quiddle: quidl
quill: quil 
quivered: quiverd

racked: rackt 
raffle: rafl / raffled:: rafld 
railed: raild 
rained: raind 
raise: raiz / raised: raizd 
rammed: ramd 
ramble: rambl / rambled: rambld
ramped: rampt
rancour, rancor: rancor 
ranked: rankt
rankle: rankl rankled: rankld 
ransacked: ransackt 
ransomed: ransomd 
rapped, rapt: rapt
rasped: raspt 
rattle: ratl / rattled: ratld
raveled, ravelled: raveld / raveling, ravelling: raveling 
ravened: ravend
ravished: ravisht
reached: reacht
read: red
ready: redy
realm: relm
reaped: reapt
reared: reard
reasonable: reasonabl
reasoned: reasond
rebelled: rebeld
receipt: receit
receivable: receivabl
receive: receiv / received: receivd
receptive: receptiv
recoiled: recoild
recover: recuver / recovered: recuverd
rectangle: rectangl
reddened: reddend
redoubt: redout
redressive: redressiv
reductive: reductiv
reefed:: reeft
reeked: reekt
reeled: reeld
referred: referd
reflective: reflectiv
reflexive: reflexiv
reformed: reformd
reformative: reformativ
refreshed: refresht 
refusal: refuzal
refuse, v:: refuze
regressive: regressiv 
rehearse: reherse / rehearsed: reherst 
reined: reind
rejoined:: rejoind
relapse: relaps
relapsed:: relapst
relative: relativ
relaxed:: relaxt
released: releast
relieve: reliev / relieved: relievd 
relinquished:: relinquisht 
relished: relisht 
remained: remaind 
remarked: remarkt / remarkable: remarkabl 
remembered: rememberd
remissible: remissibl 
remunerative: remunerativ 
rendered: renderd 
renowned: renownd
repaired: repaird / repairable: repairabl 
reparative: reparativ
repelled: repeld 
replenished: replenisht 
representative: representativ
repressed: represt
reprieve: repriev
reprieved: reprievd
reproached:: reproacht
reproductive: reproductiv
reptile: reptil 
republished: republisht
repulsive: repulsiv
requisite: requisit
resemble: resembl / resembled: resembld 
reserve: reserv / reserved: reservd 
resistible: resistibl 
resolve: resolv / resolved: resolvd 
receptive: receptiv 
respite: respit 
responsible: responsibl
responsive: responsiv
restive: restiv
restrained: restraind
restrictive: restrictiv
retailed: retaild
retained: retaind
retaliative: retaliativ
retentive: retentiv
retouch: retuch
retouched: retucht
retrenched: etrecht
retributive: retributiv
retrievable: retrievabl
retrieve: retriev
retrieved: retrievd
retrospective: retrospectiv
returned: returnd
reveled,revelled: reveld / reveling, revelling: reveling
reversed: reverst / reversible: reversibl 
reviewed: reviewd 
revise: revize 
revolve: revolv / revolved: revolvd 
revulsive: revulsiv 
rhyme, rime: rime / rhymer, rimer: rimer
ridden:: ridn 
riddle: ridl / riddled: ridld
riffraff: rifraf 
rigged:: rigd 
rigor, rigour: rigor
rill: ril
rimple: rimpl 
rinsed: rinst
ripened: ripend 
ripple: ripl / rippled: ripld 
rise, v:: rize / risen: rizn 
risible: risibl
risked: riskt
rivaled, rivalled: rivald
riven: rivn
riveted, rivetted: riveted
roared: roard
robbed: robd
rocked:: rockt 
roiled: roild 
rolled: rold 
romped: rompt 
roofed: rooft 
roomed: roomd 
rose: roze 
rotten: rotn 
rough: ruf / roughen: rufen / roughened: rufend / roughening: rufening
rowed: rowd
ruff: ruf
ruffed: ruft
ruffle: rufl
rundle: rundl
rushed: rusht
rustle: rustl / rustled: rustld
saber, sabre: saber / sabered: saberd
sacked: sackt
saddened: sadend
saddled: sadld
sagged: sagd
sailed: saild
saltpetre, -peter: saltpeter
salve: salv
salved: salvd
samphire: samfire 
sanative: sanativ 
sandaled: sandald 
sanguine: sanguin 
sapphire: saffire
sardine: sardin
sashed: sasht
sauntered: saunterd savior,saviour: savior savor,savour: savor savored, savoured: savord scalped: scalpt
scanned: scand
scarred: scard
scarce: scarse
scarcity: scarsity 
scarfed: scarft
scattered: scatterd
scent, sent: sent
sceptic, skeptic: skeptic 
sceptre, scepter: scepter / sceptered, sceptred: scepterd
scholar: scolar / scholastic: scolastic / school: scool 
schooner: scooner
scimitar, cimitar: cimitar
scissors: cissors 
scoff: scof / scoffed: scoft 
scooped: scoopt 
scorned: scornd 
scoured: scourd
scourge: scurge 
scrabble: scrabl 
scramble: scrambl / scrambled:scrambld 
scratch: scrach / scratched: scracht 
screamed: screamd 
screeched: screecht 
screened: screend 
screwed: screwd  
scribble: scribl / scribbled: scribld
scrawled: scrawld 
scrubbed: scrubd 
scuffle: scufl / scuffled: scufld 
scull: scul / sculled: sculd 
scummed: scumd 
scurrile: scurril 
scuttle: scutl / scuttled: scutld 
scythe, sithe: sithe 
sealed: seald
seamed: seamd 
search: serch / searched: sercht 
seared:: seard 
seasonable: seasonabl 
seclusive: seclusiv 
secretive: secretiv 
sedative: sedativ 
seductive: seductiv 
seemed: seemd 
seize: seiz / seized: seizd
sell: sel
selves: selvs
sensed: senst
sensible: sensibl / sensitive: sensitiv 
separable: separabl 
separative: separativ 
sepulcher, sepulchre: sepulcher / sepulchered, sepulchred: sepulchred:
seraph: seraf
seraphic: serafic 
seraphim: serafim 
serve: serv
served: servd 
serviceable: serviceabl 
servile: servil
sessile: sessil
settle: setl
settled: setld 
settlement: setlment 
sewed: sewd
sextile: sextil
shackle: shackl / shackled: shackld
shadowed: shadowd 
shall: shal
shambles: shambls 
sharpened: sharpend 
sheared: sheard 
sheaves: sheavs
shell: shel
shelled: sheld 
sheltered: shelterd 
shelve: shelv, shelvs / shelved: shelvd 
sheriff: sherif 
shingle: shingl / shingled: shingld / shingles: shingls 
shipped: shipt 
shirked: shirkt 
shivered: shiverd 
shocked: shockt 
shopped: shopt 
shortened: shortend 
shove: shuv
shoved: shuvd / shoving: shuving 
shovel: shuvel / shoveled: shoveld 
showed: showd 
shrill: shril 
shrugged: shrugd 
shuffle: shuffl / shuffled: shufld 
shuttle: shutl
siccative: siccativ 
sickened:: sickend
sieve: siv
sighed: sighd
signed: signd 
significative: significativ 
sill: sil
silvered: silverd
simple: simpl 
since: sinse
single: singl 
singled: singld 
sipped: sipt 
siphon: sifon
sithe,see scythe 
sizable: sizabl 
sketch: skech / sketched: skecht 
skiff: skif
skill: skil / skilled: skild 
skimmed: skimd 
skinned: skind 
skipped: skipt 
skull: skul / skulled: skuld
slacked: slackt
slackened: slackend
slammed: slamd
slapped: slapt
slaughter: slauter
slaughtered: slauterd
sleeve: sleev
sleeved: sleevd
slidden: slidn
slipped: slipt
slivered: sliverd
slouched: sloucht
slough: sluf
sloughed: sluft
slumbered: slumberd
slurred: slurd
smacked: smackt
smashed: smasht
smeared: smeard
smell: smel
smelled: smeld, smelt
smirked: smirkt
smoothed: smoothd
smuggle: smugl
smuggled: smugld
snaffle: snafl
snapped: snapt
snarled: snarld
snatch: snach
snatched: snacht
sneaked: sneakt
sneered: sneerd
sneeze: sneez
sneezed: sneezd
sniff: snif
sniffed: snift 
snivel: snivel
sniveled, snivelled: sniveld 
snooze: snooz
snoozed: snoozd
snowed: sznoud
snubbed: snubd
snuff: snuf
snuffed: snuft
snuffle: snufl
snufled: snzzfld
snuggle: snugl
snuggled: snugld 
soaked: soakt
soaped: soapt 
soared: soard 
sobbed: sobd 
sobered: soberd 
sodden: sodn 
softened: softend 
soiled: soild 
sojourn: sojurn / sojourned: sojurnd / sojourner: sojurner 
soldered: solderd
soluble: solubl
solutive: solutiv
solve: solv
solved: solvd 
sombre, somber: somber 

some: sum
-some: -sum
somebody: sumbody 
somersault, sumersault: sumersault
somerset: sumerset 
somehow: sumhow 
something: sumthing 

son: sun
sophism: sofism / sophist: sofist / sophisticate: sofisticate / sophistry: sofistry 
sophomore: sofomore / sophomoric: sofomoric 
soured: sourd
source: sourse 
southerly: sutherly / southern: suthern / southron: suthron 
sovereign: sovren / sovereignty: soverenty 
sowed: sowd
spanned: spand 
spangle: spangl 
spangled: spangld 
spanked: spankt 
sparred: spard
sparkle: sparkl / sparkled: sparkld 
spattered: spatterd 
speared: speard 
specked: speckt
speckle: speckl / speckled: speckld 
spectacle: spectacl 
spectacles: spectacls 
specter, spectre: specter 
spell: spel
spelled: speld
spewed: spewd 
sphenoid: sfenoid 
sphere: sfere
spherical: sferical 
spherics: sferics 
spheroid: sferoid 
spherule: sferule 
sphinx: sfinx
spill: spil
spilled: spild, spilt 
spindle: spindl 
spindled: spindld 
spittle: spittl
splashed: splasht 
spoiled: spoild, spoilt
sponge: spunge 
sprained: spraind 
sprawled: sprawld 
spread: spred 
spright: sprite / sprightly: spritely 
spurred: spurd 
spurned: spurnd 
sputtered: sputterd 
squawl: squawl 
squandered: squanderd 
squeaked: squeakt 
squealed: squeald 
squeeze: squeez / squeezed: squeezd 
stackt: stackt
staff: staf
stained: staind
stalled: stalld 
stammered: stammerd 
stamped: stampt 
stanched: stancht 
starred: stard
startle: startl
startled:, startld
starve: starv
starved: starvd
stayed: stayd
stead: sted
steadfast: stedfast
steady: stedy
stealth: stelth
steamed: steamd
steeped: steept
steeple: steepl
steered: steerd
stemmed: stemd
stenographic: stenografic / stenographer: stenografer / stenography: stenografy
suckle: suckl
surveyed: surveyd 
swaddle: swaddl
stepped: stept
sterile: steril
stewed: stewd
stickle: stickl stickled: stickld 
stiff: stif / stiffened: stiffend 
still: stil
stilled: stild
stirred: stird
stitch: stich
stitched: sticht 
stocked: stockt 
stomach: stumac / stomached: stumact / stomachic: stumachic 
stooped: stoopt 
stopped: stopt
stopple: stopl 
stormed: stormd
stowed: stowd
straddle: stradl
straddled: stradld
straggle: stragl
straggled: stragld
strained: straind
strangle: strangl
strangled: strangld
strapped: strapt
streaked: streakt, streaked, a:
strengthened: strengthend 
stretch: strech stretched: strecht 
stricken : strickn 
stripped: stript
striven : strivn
stroll: strol
strolled: strolld, strold 
stubble: stubl
stuff: stuf, stufs
stuffed: stuft
stumped: stumpt 
stuttered: stutterd
subjective: subjectiv 
subjunctive: subjunctiv 
submissive: submissiv 
subtile: subtil
subtle: sutl
subtly: sutly
subversive: subversiv
successive: successiv
succor, succour: succor / succored, succoured: succord
succumb: succum / succumbed: succumd
sucked: suckt
suckle: suckl / suckled: suckld
suffered: sufferd
suffixed: suffixt
suffuse: suffuze 
suggestive: suggestiv 
suitable: suitabl 
sulphate: sulfate / sulphur: sulfur / sulphurate: sulfurate / sulphuret: sulfuret / sulphuric: sulfuric / sulphurous: sulfurous 
summed: sumd 
sundered: sunderd 
superlative: superlativ 
supple: supl
suppressed: supprest 
suppurative: suppurativ 
surcingle: surcingl 
surpassed: surpast 
surprise: surprize
surveyed: surveyd
swaddle: swaddl
swagged: swagd
swallowed: swallowd
swamped: swampt
swayed: swayd
sweat: swet
sweetened: sweetend
swell: swel / swelled: sweld
sweltered: swelterd
swerve: swerv / swerved: swervd 
swollen, swoln: swoln 
swooned: swoond 
sylph: sylf 
synagogue: synagog

tabernacle: tabernacl 
tacked: tackt
tackle: tackl / tackled: tackld 
tactile: tactil
tagged: tagd 
talked: talkt
talkative: talkativ 
tanned: tand 
tangible: tangibl
tapped: tapt 
tapered: taperd 
tarred: tard
tariff: tarif 
tasseled: tasseld 
tattered: tatterd 
tattle: tatl / tattled: tatld 
taxed: taxt / taxable: taxabl 
teachable: teachabl 
teemed: teemd
telegraph: telegraf / telegraphed:telegraft / telegraphic: telegrafic / telegraphy: telegrafy 
telephone: telefone / telephonic: telefonic 
tell: tel
tempered: temperd 
temple: templ
tenable: tenabl 
tendered: tenderd 
termed: termd
terrible: terribl 
thanked: thankt 
thawed: thawd
theater, theatre: theater 
themselves: themselvs 
thence: thense 
thickened: thickend
thieve: thiev / thieved: thievd 
thimble: thimbl 
thinned: thind 
thistle: thistl 
thorough: thuro 
though, tho': tho 
thrashed: thrasht 
thread: thred 
threat: thret / threaten: threten / threatened: thretnd 
thrill: thril / thrilled: thrild 
throbbed: throbd
thronged: throngd 
throttle: throtl / throttled: throtld 
through, thro': thru / throughout: thruout 
thrummed: thrumd 
thumb: thum / thumbed: thumd 
thumped: thumpt 
thundered: thunderd 
thwacked: thwackt 
ticked: tickt
tickle: tickl / tickled: tickld 
tierce: tierse
till: til
tillable: tillabl / tilled: tild
tinned: tind 
tingle: tingl / tingled: tinzgld 
tinkered: tinkerd 
tinkle: tinkl / tinkled: tinkld 
tipped: tipt 
tipple: tipl / tippled: tipld 
tipstaff: tipstaf 
tiresome: tiresum 
tisic: see phthisic
tittered: titterd 
tittle: titl
toiled: toild / toilsome: toilsum 
tolerable: tolerabl 
tolled: tolld, told 
ton: tun
tongue: tung / tongued: tungd
toothed: tootht / toothache: toothake 
topple: topl
toppled: topld 
topographer: topografer / topography: topografy
tossed, tost: tost 
tottered: totterd 
touch: tuch / touched: tucht / touchy: tuchy 
tough: tuf / toughen: tufen / toughened: tufend 
towed: tzwd 
toyed:- toyd 
traceable: traceabl 
tracked: trackt 
tractable: tractabl 
trafficked: traffickt 
trailed: traild 
trained: traind 
tramped: trampt / trample: trampl / trampled: trampld 
trance: transe
tranquilize, tranquillise: tranquilize
transferred: transferd
transformed: transformd
transfuse: transfuze
transmissive: transmissiv
trapped: trapt
trapanned: trapand
traveled, travelled: traveld / traveler, traveller: traveler
treacherous: trecherous
treachery: trechery 
treacle: treacl
tread: tred / treadle: tredl 
treatise: treatis 
treasure: trezure / treasurer: trezurer / treasury: trezury 
treble: trebl 
tremble: trembl / trembled: trembld 
trenched: trencht 
trepanned: trepand 
trespassed: trespast 
trestle: trestl, tressel 
tricked: trickt 
trickle: trickl / trickled: trickld
triglyph: triglyf
trill: tril
trilled: trild
trimmed: trimd 
tripped: tript
triple: tripl
tripled: tripld 
triumph: triumf / triumphed: triumft / triumphal: triumfal / triumphant: triumfant
trodden: trodn 
trooped: troopt 
trouble: trubl / troubled: trubld 
troublesome: trublsum / troublous: trublous
trough: trof 
trucked: truckt 
truckle: truckl / truckled: truckld 
trumped: trumpt 
tucked: tuckt 
tugged: tugd 
tumble: tumbl / tumbled: tuumbld 
turned: turnd 
turtle: turtl 
twaddle: twaddl 
twanged: twangd 
tweaked: tweakt
twelve: twelv
twill: twil
twilled: twild 
twinkle: twinkl / twinkled: twinkld
twirled: twirld
twitch: twich / twitched: twicht
twittered: twitterd
typographer: typografer / typographical:typografical / typography: typografy

un-: negativ prefix: see the simpl forms.
uncle: uncl 
unwonted: unwunted 
use, v: uze
usual: uzual
uterine: uterin

vaccine: vaccin
valuable: valuabl / valve: valv
vamped: vampt 
vanished: vanisht 
vanquished: vanquisht 
vapor, vapour: vapor / vapored, vapoured: vapord 
variable: variabl 
vegetable: vegetabl / vegetative: vegetativ 
vehicle: vehicl
veil: veil
veiled: veild 
veined: veind 
veneered: veneerd 
ventricle: ventricl 
veritable: veritabl 
versed: verst
versicle: versicl 
vesicle: vesicl 
viewed: viewd
vigor, vigour: vigor 
vindictive: vindictiv 
vineyard: vinyard 
visible: visibl 
vocative: vocativ 
volatile: volatil 
vouched: voucht

wafered: waferd 
wagged: wagd 
wagered: wagerd 
waggle: wagl / waggled: wagd 
wailed: waild 
waive: waiv / waived: waivd 
walked: walkt 
warred: ward 
warble: warbl / warbled: warbld
warmed: warmd
washed: washt
watch: wach / watched: wacht 
watered: waterd 
waxed: waxt 
weakened: weakend 
wealth: welth / wealthy: welthy 
weaned: weand 
weapon: wepon 
weather: wether / weathered: wetherd 
weave: weav 
webbed: webd 
weened: weend 
welcome: welcum / welcomed: welcumd 
well: wel
welled: weld 
were: wer
wheeled: wheeld 
wheeze: wheez / wheezed: wheezd 
whence: whense 
whimpered: whimperd 
whipped: whipt
whir, whirr: whir / whirred: whird 
whirled: whirld 
whisked: whiskt 
whispered: whisperd 
whistle: whistl / whistled: whistld 
whizzed: whizd 
whole: hole / wholesale: holesale / wholesome: holesum / wholly: holely 
whooped: whoopt 
will: wil
willed: willd, wild 
willful, wilful: wilful 
wimble: wimbl
winged: wingd
winked: winkt
winnowed: winnowd
wintered: winterd
wished: wisht
witch: wich / witched: wicht 
withered: witherd 
withholden: withholdn 
women: wimen
won: wun
wonder: wunder / wondered: wunderd / wonderful: wunderful / wondrous: wundrous
wont: wunt / wonted: wunted 
wooden: wooden 
worm: wurm / wormed: wurmd 
worry: wurry
worse: wurse 
worship: wurship / worshiped, worshipped: wurshipt
worst: wurst
worth: wurth / worthless: wurthless / worthy: wurthy 
wrangle: wrangl / wrangled: wrangld
wrapped: wrapt 
wreaked: wreakt 
wrecked: wreckt 
wrenched: wrencht 
wrestle: wrestl / wrestled: wrestld 
wretch: wrech / wretched: wreched 
wriggle: wrigl / wriggled: wrigld 
wrinkle: wrinkl / wrinkled: wrinkld 
written: writn

xanthine: xanthin 
xylography: xylografy

yawned: yawnd 
yeaned: yeand 
yearn: yern / yearned: yernd 
yell: yel / yelled: yeld 
yeoman : yoman 
yerked: yerkt
young: yung
zealot: zelot / zealous: zelous 
zephyr: zefyr
zincography: zincografy 
zoography: zoografy